Checkered Pastures

Antiquated Glory

All of these old, things that you found

All of these old things, they're staring me down

My fleeting time is measured by

All of these old things up on the shelf sitting side by side

All of these old things that you found

Train rumbles by and I missed it, again

But I found an old dusty bottle of Kentucky bourbon

And I sit on the floor, and I sing by myself

And I make a little record

And then I throw it on the shelf

All of these old things that you found

And this old house creaks with its antiquated glory

And shining on display in this old place

All of these old things that you found

Sacred Nights

On those sacred nights we went arm and arm

We got lost together. We lost and found each other

At those dimly lit black bars, You announced us with your heels.

And when you turned on your sexy sadness

I know how you made those boys feel

Before too long on those sacred nights

Before our time for serious conversations died

Before too long together, Before the now or never

Before too long on those neon nights

We got lost together. As our days grew numbered.

Those were the hours we spent growing apart for ever.

And when we left those sacred nights

There were no goodbyes. There were no more goodbyes

Chateaux de Ville

In the hot southwest, I stopped going.

But this room has got me feeling safe from home.

And the city keeps trying to break down my door

There's a lot of good ways to be wicked in this world

I got my weapons down here on the floor

Records and books and the worn our chessboard.

Sleep through the sirens and drift through my life

I'm going nowhere else tonight, nowhere else tonight

But I've got another song in the bag

It's a little blues number called, Ain't this desert city a drag

I've got another song, another top 40

And I'm cooped up in the Chateaux de Ville with possible dreams

In these shadows, we bottle our songs

We make them hum boys, we make them strong

Mix them with fire and stir our souls

We've got nowhere else to go. Nowhere else to go.

Back from the Moon

When we got back from the moon, held up at the shack in style

As if nothing had happened, our gang stayed together for a little while

Stared into the cold, cold stream. Read from the great tragedy

The past is lurking in these hills.

Now the bygones are looking on with nothing on the horizon

The past is lurking in these hills.

The beautiful hills summoned us one by one

We pulled our rank, picked up camp, ordered, run, rabbit, run

Foster Place

At Foster Place, living on jazz

Came through your kitchen, introduced to Mr. Stubbs, the cat.

Spoke like fighter pilots all night in your blue room

So quick and intense under the smoke and the moon.

You've got something that could never be bought

I crashed on your floor and you covered me up

I woke up in love with nowhere to run

A guess at Foster Place on the cold floor in the sun

I whisked you away and you whisked me away

And we're still running to this very day

And the street that we lived on got dressed and now it's gone

It was a strange drive for our lives and high time for moving on.

Shaman of the Road

Driving all day, I gave my secrets away

To the great unkown

The truck stop is king when you're looking for something

Don't need a shaman on the road

Some terrible god is laughing at me

Some terrible god keep laughing at me\

You had tears in your eyes when we said goodbye

Now we're some sweet history

This downtown is nice, it's a bum's paradise

There raising toast to the sea

Maybe I roamed a little too far from home. a little too blind to see

Don't ask the shaman on the road he won't say, yes or no.

But there is something for me.

If this is all you ever lost

There is no more good company to be had

But if this is all you ever lost you are glad

And the tent is coming down on the circus in this carnival town

Someone better send in those clowns

If this is all you ever lost you are glad

You make big plans and you wave goodbye

But you don't let them know where you're going this time.

And the tent is coming down on the circus in this carnival town

Someone better send in those clowns

If this is all you ever lost you are glad.

The circus train is leaving now

Don't need a ticket in your hand

And the tent is coming down on the circus in this carnival town

Someone better send in those clowns

Holding Up This Room

The turtle, she's waiting. she's parked outside the door.

Try to keep her off the sidewalk. Case of Hudepohl from the store.

Is the glass half-full or half-empty, well the day is almost gone.

March up town like an army troop and see what's going on.

108 Grosvenor St. is leaning toward it's doom.

Shane McGowan is the only one holding up this room

Bottle of Maker's Mark, a fly floating on the top

You can give it to the witch next door, she can use it in her pot

She's looking in the window, she's screaming in the night

Try to get some sleep on the broken down couch

Think of something nice.

108 Grosvenor St. is leaning toward it's doom.

Bobby D is the only one holding up this room.

Where is Uncle Micky I thought he was reading Marx.

He's passed out in the tub with his clothes on

You can call that, perfect art

Where is Captain Fabulous, I thought he was making beer

He's out racing on the center street. Undefeated this whole year.

108 Grosvenor St. is leaning toward it's doom

Tom Waits is the only one holding up this room.

Where is Miles Down. Well, I don't even care.

Pavlov is on the front porch typing in his underwear.

and where if you please, is JD Eaves

Contact miles down records at



Old Strange Power

Oh, I know, I know

That that is not the wind

but in the latest hour, I can feel her once again

electricity is flying, and someone's here with me

sitting at the piano, whispering on the breeze

old strange power!

Yeah, someone here is with me, there's nothing else to tell

she's not exactly friendly, her home was not for sale

but in this old shotgun house, in the latest hour

I can feel the strength of old strange power

Poor Man's Dylan

Oh I remember that terrible day, when everyone put there

innocence away.

The union boys sat and cried, Hunter used his cell phone to say,


and he said it like a weatherman sounding sure,

it's gonna rain some more

Spiders are crawling up and down the wall art

kids downstairs are living in the dark

Shannon's in pain moaning on the floor

Wiswall's praying about the new, dumb war,

and he's praying like a weatherman, sounding sure,

it's gonna rain some more.

Someone's laughing at the human race, walls are closing on our

little space

Your father left a message on the machine saying, welcome to

your new reality, 

and he said it like a weatherman, sounding sure, it's gonna rain

some more.

Bull in a China Shop

I remember we were coming out of the old back road up to the public house

You asked me what I was leaving for, I said, I don't want to break

anymore. I'm like a bull in a china shop.

2 AM and about that time I said, I will see you down the line

then I had to walk right through those doors, I don't want to break

anymore, I'm like a bull in a china shop.

Up to the city and in my car. Through the office and past the 

guard. Trade my things for a uniform, I don't wanna break

anymore. I'm like a bull in a china shop.

New Bum in Town

Of mine and yours, of yours and mine

Long mirror reflecting time

It's the same recorded strory, with the same rhyming lines.

Strange music keeps happening, in the cold front room

better chose your instrument wisely, try to make it shoot the moon.

Running next to the bus, I can't get on board but I'm keeping up

Should I stay or go, I should have figured that out 2 blocks ago

I was planning to stay, baby I was planning on going away and

Jimmy boy just wrote me down as the new bum in town.

The Eternal Sky

High on the plain, by the noisy highway

staring down at the town, so deceptively she's changed.

I've borrowed a lot of time, searching into the eternal sky

conjure up the old game plan and the old quick pace tonight

This little flat has brought us to a new dimension of me and you

off the road and underneath the sky, the old quick pace tonite

Oh we're moving quickly, through this funny dream, everybody's

rooting for and picking on me

Turn her full around to face the eternal sky and the amazing space

make it for the closing door, the old quick pace tonight

ladle on the pure gravy and make our way toward destiny

give another college try, the old quick pace tonight.

Baby I love, we've made it back at last, let's have a little drink, 

start wrapping up our past.


Here comes the Econoline, The queer is right on time.

Pick up beer at Stimpson store

Road's crooked and my eyes are sore

This one will help you, this won't hurt you

this one will have to do, we've got a lot of work to do

Going out to Geno's 2 times a week

practice makes perfect yeah baby so to speak

in our head quarters basement, swaying in the soft blue hays

Going out to Geno's to try to remember what we played.

For the Birds

Well we don't know what to do so we read a little chapter in our 

basement room, fall asleep in each other arms, there goes our time

just passing through. 

Little old mr landlord I have no rent for you sir

well this place is for the birds, this place is for the birds

Yeah when we try to sleep, neighbors come knocking at our door

as the water leaks, neighbors keep dancing through the floor


Now the goose is cooked, it will be our final feast

ain't so hard to believe, we're head back to the street.

Hangar 18

Blue stars in white circles, painted on the streets, in this 1950's

Sci-Fi town, home of hangar 18. News stand sells the papers and

the soldiers have all shipped out, faded yellow headline reads,

visitors with us now

Here tonight on the floor, I won't ask you anymore, how to make

it out, and it's all right, if our plans don't take flight from Hangar 18

There a re visitors with us tonight, there's a road map in my mind

tonight. Star Spangled Banner on the intercom, boys I'm leaving 

here at down, I got my orders in my hand, I'm headed back to the


A Thousand Miles Away

Now I'll say goodbye. I won't die, you won't make me cry but now

I'll say goodbye, now I'll say goodbye

With nothing but everything at stake I dropped the arm and shut the safe, and now a thousand miles away

There is no more hidden key, to you and me, something just went

wrong, just hight time for moving along

I don't know what I'm going to do, but it's amazing baby what happened between me and you

When I'm alone and feeling powerless, I remember how you gave

me something else, I remember how we made it by ourselves

but now we've made the choice, silenced our voice, and now I'll

say and now I'll say and now I'll say, goodbye.

photo by Sarah Warda